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20Kg - Crushed chalk

20Kg - Crushed chalk

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  • Description and advice for use

    Crushed magnesia comes in the form of small shattered blocks.

    This shape helps limit dust in the air.

    Place a piece in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to distribute the chalk all over your palms. Keep away from heat

  • Tarifs et conditions

    199,90€ HT / 239,88€ TTC en France 

    Tarifs revendeurs disponibles à partir de 12 pièces (contactez-nous)

  • Composition and packaging

    Poids total 20KG seaux compris

    Carbonate de magnésium extra pur (99,7%) de grade alimentaire

    Nos seaux sont fabriqués à partir de plastique recyclé et sont 100% recyclables

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